2022 Officers

President-Dick Temple

1st Vice Charlene Carson

2nd VP - Marie Peacock

Secretary -Dennis Fitzgerald

Treasurer-Anne Laymon

Standing Committees

Web Master - Judy Phillips

Awards-Susan Hayes  Hatcher

Historian-Lois Butler

Lanyards-Marie Peacock

Membership- Ann Hamilton

Off. Depot Rewards-Susan Perhala

GenieBytes Newsletter - Bonnie Kishpaugh

Programs-Cheri Passey, Bob Dahlin, Charlene Carson.

Tech. Support-Bob Dahlin, Danny Sullivan 

There is no membership fee

Click on 2021 application to download application and email it to the club or fill out the form below and just hit submit



Any person interested in genealogy may become a member of the Grand Strand Genealogy Club by:


  • Submitting an application

  • Attending a minimum of one (1) meeting per calendar year

  • Updating the application on an annual basis



2022 Grand Strand Genealogy Club Application               Any person interested in genealogy may become a member of the                                                                Grand Strand Genealogy Club                                                                      There is no membership Fee. Donations are appreciated.

     1.  Submit an application form Annually.
     2   Attend a minimum of one meeting per year in -person at Chapin Library or virtually via Zoom

NOTE: if you do not submit your application each year and attend at least one meeting, we will assume you are no longer interested in belonging to the GSGC and your contact information will be deleted from our membership list.

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Interested in serving as as /Officer or Board Member? find position descriptions at:

Then, contact the Grand Strand Genealogy Club and volunteer to serve

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