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2024 Board Members:

President – Charlene Carson

1st VP – Claire Fleming

2nd VP/Name Badges/Lanyards – Marie Peacock

Secretary – Dennis Fitzgerald 

Treasurer – Anne Laymon


Associate Board Members:

Membership :

Michelle Kozinetz (Pat Bernschein)     (Ann Hamilton - Emeritus)

Program Committee: Cheri Passey/Charlene Carson

Newsletter – Bonnie Kishpaugh/Ann Hamilton

Web Master - Pat Bernschein

Tech. Support – Bob Dahlin (Bd & Zoom invites), Danny Sullivan, Anne Laymon

Historian – Lois Butler

Office Rewards - Susan Perhala


Volunteerism is essential to the success of the GSGC,  we can not run without volunteers.  Being a shadow for someone to back them up is always needed as well as permanent board positions

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